10 February 2017

Tank Delivery Preparations Underway

Within moments of walking out Women's Medical Center Friday afternoon, Nicole "Nikki" Andersen (28) group-texted family and friends. Her baby would be on his way within 96 hours, exactly one week before his original due date.

Her announcement was met with elation. One family member remarked that if baby Andersen was born on February 15, he would be the favorite child, taking precedence over cuteness and even parental genetics.

This is the first child to be born to parents Nikki and Brock Andersen, who were married 9 months earlier. The Disney cruise they took for their honeymoon provided them with not only a week of reliving their childhood, but a chance to experience it all over again through their newly fertilized egg.

Family and friends are advised that Wednesday morning is the earliest possible time to expect the new addition to the Andersen family. However, the parents respectfully ask for privacy and wish to be texted before visiting at Memorial Medical Center.

The community prepared for the arrival of Alan "Tank" on January 21 with a monster-themed baby shower. Nikki declined needing any additional baby items, but has been hoarding favors accumulated over the course of her life for exchange during the next few weeks.