30 August 2011

Beer Stash Found

A six pack and four glass bottles of apple beer were found on a matching dish towel in a local family's kitchen Sunday evening. The beer came from Provo, Utah, where three of the family's members recently traveled to. Only two of those three members returned home to Las Cruces.

Investigators reported that a large cooler was found near the beer stash. Inside were multiple cans of various highly caffeinated beverages.

Authorities tracked the stash days after its discovery. It traveled from the home of origin to another home, nearly off the grid, where it was consumed by both adults and under-age drinkers.

Apple beer is a lesser known drink in certain communities. It's highly valued for its uniqueness and ability to generate conversation while simultaneously granting the opportunity to invite potential friends to "hang out." Authorities believe this is the reason the apple beer found its way into Las Cruces. Plans are underway to create a road-block to stop potential smugglers from repeating the same offense.