03 July 2011

4th of July Preparations Underway

In a swirl of color, Las Cruces seems to be getting ready for America's birthday. Stores began to run low on cobbed corn, watermelon and meat to grill. The scent of cakes baking filled neighborhoods.

A different kind of scent eminated from the Hengen household. The five females who live there drenched their nails in patriotic colors. As the eldest daughter Tiffani, who majored in Family Living, patiently painted thirty individual nails, the father of the house stayed well out of sight.

"Steve, you've got to paint something, even if it's your toenails," Cheryl called out. Faces of disgust were the only reply.

The family plans to weigh themselves on Monday morning, gorge throughout the day, play on bouncy pads, and enjoy fireworks in the evening.