02 July 2011

Couple Makes it to Twenty-Five

Steve, 44, and his wife Cheryl, 44, made it to a milestone this week. After twenty-five years of marriage, they decided to have a go at another year.

The couple retreated to Albuquerque on Thursday in celebration. Promptly after checking into the Hilton Garden Suite, they fell into the deep comfort of worry-free sleep.

Denny's dished up a hearty serving of calories and cholesterol to the love birds for breakfast on Friday morning. The rest of their day was spent in the Lord's house in service of their ancestors.

When stomachs grumbled, the couple was spotted at Outback Steakhouse enjoying hunks of meat, potatoes and bread. Rumors of Coldstone Creamery for dessert have been confirmed.

Shunning the hotel's pool for it's small, indoor features, Steve and Cheryl redboxed The Dilemma that night. "We wanted to go swimming, but we didn't," Cheryl explained.

Saturday was another busy day in the temple, where Steve and Cheryl had fast become recognized by all patrons. When the work was done, the only stop on the way home to Las Cruces was a nondescript Mexican restaurant.

"We did married-people stuff, too," Steve interjected at the end of the interview, without provocation.

Upon arrival home, the couple was greeted by a faux wedding cake, designed, baked and decorated by their eldest daughter, who holds a college degree in home-making.

Steve and Cheryl seem mildly optimistic about the next twenty five years.