24 July 2011

Tick, Tock, Boom

A new hair-do hits the streets of Las Cruces.

One of Las Cruces's fashion trenders showed up in town with a hot new hairstyle. You can imagine my excitement when she agreed to sit down and have a chat about it late Thursday afternoon.

Miss Hengen took her place in an armchair with her legs comfortably crossed, but with a sort of insecurity emanating from her side of the room. Her slender figure and smooth, tanned skin are what the townspeople find themselves envying. But now with the media attention, she seemed to be nervous to give the wrong answers. Eager to get started, I began my questioning.

Arabela: Miss Hengen, this new hairstyle really is something. What do you call it?
Stephanie: Oh, I, uh...
Sharlye: It's called "The Exploding Bombshell."

Sharlye appeared to be an employee of Miss Hengen.

A: And how exactly do you get the look?
S: Well, I put it up in little sections and wait for it to dry. Then I take it out.
A: I see. Was it difficult?
S: Uh, my hair didn't dry very quickly. But it wasn't really hard or anything.

Miss Hengen wetted her perfectly plumped lips with slight pressure from her teeth as her eyes darted nervously about.

A:Is there anything else you want to share with us about it?
S: No.
A: Would you mind if I did a follow up interview?
S: Alright.

Miss Hengen smoothed a hand through her hair, a breath of assurance filled her body as the interview came to its conclusion.

On Friday, I snoached Miss Hengen until the time came to stalk her for a follow-up picture and interview. She seemed slightly more confident than during our previous interview, almost like she forgot what her hair looked like.

A: Oh my, your hair seems... different than yesterday.
S: I can't help it!
Sharlye: It's the humidity. Everyone around here suffers from it.

Sharlye had practically appeared out of nowhere with a defensive voice so practiced, there was no longer any doubt that Sharlye was Miss Hengen's agent.

Miss Hengen scurried down the hall, an obvious desire to end the interview early.

No one in town has yet been donning The Exploding Bombshell.